Product Development that will rock your customers!

Hi I'm Ben, a Software Engineer, Development Manager and all round IT Nerd with an eclectic technical skillset. Let me help you transform your ideas into products that revolutionise market spaces, build business opporunities and take on the world.

Hire me and I'll help provide the direction, structure and support to develop new products for market. Together we can use technology to empower the business and its staff, to provide that competitive edge that will leave the rest of your competitors scratching their heads.

Technical Skillset

Here's an overview of the skills that I can bring to the team, and the roles I can help fulfil. Bring me on, and you wont be disappointed with the results.

  • User Experience, Interface Design and Prototyping

    Application design focused on delivering software that is easy to use and simple to consume. Reduces the cost of delivering training to new users, and improves customer perceptions.

  • Strategic Vision on Product,
    Direction and Focus

    Projection of product features and capabilities into the future to ensure a strong value proposition. Identification of market opportunities for a distinct return on investment.

  • Project Coordination, Management and Navigation

    Guiding feature and service delivery through product focus groups, client and product owner reviews, early identification of risk and accurate delivery of milestones.

  • Business Analysis and Functional Specifications

    Engagement with customers to identify what would drive their love of a product, breaking down requirements to understand what their needs are within how they think a product should work.

  • Development and Team Management

    Cultivation of strong and productive IT teams through coaching, training, engagement and support. The fostering of teams that focus on delivering products that impress.

  • Operations and Infrastructure Management

    Delivery of high availability services, including scalable server capacity, failover environments and emergency coordination plans. Ensuring applications and services work to market expectations.