Revolutionising the world of music sales and marketing.
For Infovidual Technologies

The Focus

To create a better way to understand what individual customers like, providing a competitive advantage in target marketing.

Customer Loyalty

Customers of over 200 independant music stores were signed up to a loyalty program that offered 5% discount on all purchases. Purchase data was centralised and processed to better understand the purchasing habits of individual customers.

Direct Marketing

Customers were contacted through direct marketing in both physical print brochures and emails, which were dynamically tailored to suit the known preferences each customer displayed through their buying habits.

Application & Website

The ViP EDGE website allowed customers to get information for their favorite artists. It catered for stores to manage their customers and to generate the marketing communication to be sent to them. Back end processing of transactions was also handled through the service.

The Oracle

Most significantly, the service provided an analysis component that could determine the music purchases that would most interest them. Implemented by cross referencing purchase correlations with all other customers purchases, detection of niche personal behaviours could occur, inferring products that would be the most attractive. Think Apple's Genius, but on steroids.